Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Email Marketing For Success

By Paul-Marc Abrioux

Email marketing has become increasingly difficult as strict Spam laws and filters put a tight hold on many honest marketing efforts. Sending targeted emails does, however, still have the potential to reward the marketer with serious profits. While there is a small percentage of people who will buy or join impulsively, the greatest potential for success building lies in effective follow up marketing. The use of an autoresponder, a good advertisement-free autoresponder, is therefore essential to succeed with email marketing.

Research shows that a great number of people become interested in what they are being offered through email only after six or seven emails. To this result the goal of the email marketer is to maintain the prospect's interest through a series of emails, without the prospect losing interest or becoming annoyed with the sender, which usually results in the prospect unsubscribing from the autoresponder.

Effective marketers know that a good autoresponder series should stay in touch with a prospect for anywhere from 30 days upto one year. Timing is crucial when it comes to marketing. A prospect who has no interest one day might be in a better posistion to receive the same information one, two or three months down the road. An effective autoresponder campaign attempts to solve this issue or poor and good timing, by staying in touch and patiently waiting.

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