Monday, September 03, 2007

Using Ebooks To Boost Your Email List

by James Robertson

You have a website and want to build your mailing list. If done in the most efficient and effective way, it can increase traffic dramatically. But how exactly do you do that? One of the most effective techniques is by giving out a free ebook download.

Traffic translates to sales so you aim for it for your website. Visitors want free stuff, so you hope to meet them halfway. Offer a free ebook to your visitors. They would love that. And for what cost to them? Nothing except their name and valid email address. Now that's attractive.

Here are easy steps for your opt-in list to get you going in no time:

Offer a digital ebook for free that entices them by letting them subscribe or sign in to your opt-in list. Fresh content is what your visitors want. So make sure to tell them that fresh content is guaranteed upon signing up.

After you have them in your opt-in list, keep them interested. You got them to sign up because you offered a free ebook download. So get them excited with a few informative emails and probably an ebook that can't be found anywhere else. This not only keeps them coming back but also gives value to your product.

Keep your visitors asking for more. A free ebook given out regularly would do the trick. Send them free content weekly or every other week. But make sure you're doing this in well-planned intervals. You don't want to end up spamming their inbox.

Viral marketing. Don't forget to allow your existing members to invite or send a link to your friends. This strategy not only increases your list, it also creates a two-point entry allowing new members to sign up.

You hope to build healthy traffic activity in your website. Traffic would mean sales for your website. So get your free ebook ready all the time. Giving away a free ebook is a proven and effective strategy for your website's success.

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